Submission Guidelines


Deadline: November 16, 2016


we’re looking for images and writing addressing:

home as a place to come back to, home is where the art is: artistic practice determines where home is, home as a spiritual, psychological, imaged, emotional or physical space, home for the immigrant woman or the child of a immigrant family, home as an impossibility for displaced people, home no longer being a home due to colonization, home as a safe place, challenging the concept of safety being associated with home, home as a place where we left our dreams, home as a decolonized space, home as a fallacy and/or fabrication, running from home, running towards home, homecoming: particularly for displaced POC on Turtle Island, examining the ‘motherland’, home as a place of duality (triggering and healing, one place and multiple places), dismantling geographical borders, precarious housing, home is what’s in my purse, homelessness, architects of colour building homes in this global world, nomadic peoples, alternative dwellings, home as a cacophony of phrases, the essence of a person as home, temporary homes, planet Earth, smart home technology, connection to land and home, and anything else you wish to explore the idea of home.

What we want:

From the Root Zine publishes a yearly zine on a theme chosen by one of our editors. So far we’ve featured the themes of HAIR and BODY. Each theme is an anchor for the imagination, a guideline for our dialogue and is encouraged to diversify and expand however the artist sees fit.

We at FTR seek to explore the kernel of experience for women of colour navigating through this land we call Canada. This experience belongs to you (self-identified WOC) and only you. Through written and visual art we are thrilled to showcase unique stories, similar stories, repeated and unheard of stories, from the perspective of racialized females.

Our style invites the political, the personal, the futuristic, the fantastical, the hyper-realists, the academics, the satirical, the comical, the suspenseful and whatever flavours we’re diggin’ at the time. We are not interested in publishing material that shames, negates, colonizes, stereotypes or simplifies the experiences of womyn of colour. We are interested in publishing unfiltered truths, positive projections, reclamations, rants, demands, confessions and jubilations.

And even further than that, we are fascinated with the unusual and unconventional aesthetics that surface from the subconscious of an unafraid storyteller.  If it’s weird, we want it! If it’s unkempt, send it over. If it’s ‘too racy’ we’re hungry for it.

General Criteria:

  • You MUST identify as women of colour.
  • You must live in Canada.
  • We strongly encourage First Nation, Aboriginal, Inuit and Metis artists; queer artists; differently abled artists.
  • No need to prove you’re an artist, simply show us your artistry.


Written entries should be typed (digital or typewriter) or written very neatly. Include pen name, email, city and province you are writing in. Our word limit is 650 maximum. No cover letters. No bios. The work will speak for itself.

Visual entries note that From the Root is a black and white zine. Do not send original art work but feel free to send an electronic or hard copy. We require high resolution images. Also note the medium you’ve chosen to work in.

Submit your work to us before November 16th (unless otherwise noted). Submissions close afterwards and reopen in June of the next year.

Send to:

Best of luck, and feel free to contact us for more details about our submission guidelines.


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